Perhaps it is writing, Eve Marko. (the safe place)
Your text is so wonderful, in so many aspects, I want to put it on my website. The arc as the loving action, fully inclusive, yes, I always loved it, every child does, and now we have to recall this action as a pioneer deed, better than Greenpeace ever did!
And then your love to the dogs, just to illustrate, HOW MUCH just two beloved dogs are suffering – what about all others, and what about YOU, US?

Did you know, there are climate psychologists?
Professors? In Graz, in Munich.
They are so needed!

Meanwhile, we are going on bearing witness, don’t we, and perhaps somebody starts some petition to send to the President? In order to get serious with the messages of our Lakota friends, of Greta Thunberg, Thich Nhat Hanh, and all the brave extinction rebellion sisters and brothers, one of them David R. Loy.
Some Holy, Golden Cows, I suggest, have to be grieved upon and then really LEFT one. We have to turn around totally.
It’s already in the Bible. When money (war and sex) have the status of being worshipped instead of G’d, the people/beings are spiralling downwards.

And we know that this is true.

Blood from killing in abundance sticks on the hands of those who suggest weapons to be sent… for doing what??? Building up trust in children? Saving fresh water and air, caring for climate justice, feeding and educating the poor, the migrants, the refugees?
You are doing it.
Let us become more.


Bild von Stefan Schweihofer auf Pixabay