Zen-Workshop mit Susan Moon

11. Oktober 2020

19:30 / 21:00


Online Termin

Dear friends,

We would like to invite you to a zoom evening under the motto:

Crime scene: Relationship

It is supposed to be an attempt to make our closest relationships salutary. We would like to invite you, to give you an inspiration, as to what your contribution can be to heal the pain that stands between us (and above all in between ourselves).

Who are we?
The Kleiner-Tempel-Sangha is a group of mostly young people, most of them women, some still in their studies, who have been practicing Zen and more together for almost three years. The small temple sees itself as open to other Buddhist traditions, open to experimentation, is friendly to women, children, families and strangers, and cultivates an appreciative communication with each other with a high willingness to conflict.

How do we practice?
– “Cappuccino Meditation” – On Friday mornings, every week we write spontaneously to a Koan story, read our texts to us and answer the questions asked in the book in a circle conversation. We also enjoy a warm cappuccino that reminds us to do something good for ourselves and to fill our own stores so that we can be there for others.
– “Tatort Meditation” – Sunday evening, every second week: We try to “heal the pain that stands between us”. Here we sit shorter, exchange views on our practice over the past few weeks and present a difficult situation for us. Together with the others, we develop healing sentences that arise from our practice with Metta meditation and non-violent communication. We also send healing sentences to our fellow the other paticipants.
– In addition, we meditate together in the morning

Why Susan Moon?
We felt that the author Susan Moon could give us decisive impulses to approach and shape the relationships with ourselves, with life, with loved ones and other fellow human beings and fellow beings of loving, elegant, joyful, inclusive, but also more realistic.

And so we invited Susan and are so happy that she has promised to spend valuable time with us.
More about our guest Susan Moon:

Why crime scene meditation?
The newspapers and our minds are often full of horror messages about acts of despair of hurt, disappointed, too much, or too little love. That’s why we called our meditation “Tatort: Relationship” after the popular Sunday evening crime show.

What paths can we take, what can we practice to make the world, which ultimately consists of relationship, a friendlier, more sheltered place?

Join us! We are already looking forward to two exciting hours with SUSAN MOON.


The program:

(18:00-19:00): Volunteer sitting with us to get in the mood
From 19:15: Entrance
19:30: Welcome to our guest
19:35: Guided Meditation by Susan
19:50: Interview of the Core-Sangha with Susan
20:00: Dharma lecture by Susan
20:20 Little Silence
20:25: Questions from guests
20:50: Closing the event: The Four Great Vows. Farewell and thanks

Note: The evening will take place online via Zoom and in English. The event is for free, we are happy about donations for our guest! If you wish to support us, please transfer to:

Monika Winkelmann
Sparkasse Köln/Bonn
IBAN: DE55 3705 0198 0032 9013 40

Registration under m.winkelmann-schreiben@web.de
Please provide names and any questions regarding our topic to Susan Moon.

More about us, the Kleiner-Temple-Sangha:

For content as well as technical questions (also during the event) apply to:
Monika (+49 163 26295423) or Joana (+49 1577 9633327)