My heart is aching. Control camp. Prison camp. Camp. Camp. Camp.
Camp for human beings to live there – forever??? With their children? Teenagers? No opportunity to garden, to cook, to invite, to pay visits, no kindergarten, no schools, no perspectives for the young adults and adults to work for their families, to earn a living?
This is hell after fleeing hell.
I read that very young children, which is not usual, cut themselves with knives.

So, this is our offering?
And winter?

It is not that I have the solution. I only say this is letting them die. Letting them go crazy. Letting them down.
This is not a worthy attempt to console people who have lost their home, their country their music, their food, their cemetaries, their tradition.

I fear for their souls and for our’s too.
Can we, please, continue to watch out for more creative, uplifting ways to offer refuge?
The children of Lesbos, Samos, Greece and our children in Europe and in the world:

Is this really the best and only, we have to offer?
I remember well from the years when my daughter was young, and she brought her friends home, how naturally compassionate children are, it is not true that they are egotistical. They are the most compassionate beings, they want to help immediately when they witness suffering, animals are their natural friends, other children, and so many take on the burdens of their parents, they sacrifice themselves.

When they testify to such cruelty, yes cruelty, they get shocked. As I was shocked. And they freeze. They alienate themselves from themselves, from their hearts. Many addiction stories are rooted in this. I could tell more. Much more. What had happened to me, to all around two thousand, in the meantime, group members I have had the honor to listen to.
These children are locked in ourselves. Imprisoned. Our our inner teenagers. Beaten down, left alone, lied to.

We build up a world of splitting. The one siblings from the others.
Of intimidating. Muting each other. Telling lies. Turning our backs to so called weaknesses, to needy people, to ourselves.
We are also needy or will soon be.

The new day has started, a New Year.
A new life can start when and if we turn our front, our face, our eyes, our whole body to those beings, included always our friends, the trees, the plants, the animals, on them.
They are partners.
They are equal to us.
We can open our numb hearts again to them.
This view might change us totally.
And it should.
We are not made for mere and boring survival. This is called exploitation.

We do not exploit any more.
We decide for love.
Every being we meet today, will feel this: the bird, the tree, the stairs, the neighbor, the way, I eat, the way I phone my mother, the way I plan the next months.
All refugees and the many dead beloved ones they had to witness are included.
All those who have suicided themselves, or from the boats, or in the camps, or during the long flights, are included.
Those with extreme hunger and thirst, who started to eat their dead ones, as in every war, and to drink their own urin, are included.
Those who cannot sleep any more because of physical and emotional pain, who became dependant on some cheap drug, are included.
Those many, many young girls, young women, older women, who are raped, every second in the word, and their babies, are included. The young boys and young girls, raped in desperate condition, are included. Those young child soldiers who will be more and more, ready to do anything in order to be seen and to eat, are included. Their parents, in the home towns, in Africa, in Afghanistan, Palestine, Irak wherever, mad with grief about their sons they would never more hear about, are included.
Our fears of landing under bridges without shelter and food are included.
Our smiles and true love for any suffering being we meet or hear about, are included.

The wars have to end. Perhaps they will never end, but they still have to end.

Now. And forever.